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I got perma banned from Reddit for this comment lol...



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Well I guess this is a good opportunity to do this!

Leave the rest of the internet at the door

In keeping with the rules above regarding "low-effort" and "weak-man" comments, and our goal to produce more light than heat, we ask that you refrain from posting bare links to culture-war-related discussions held outside of this sub. If you are going to link to another platform we ask that you please put in the work to contextualize the post and explain why it is relevant to readers of this community.

We're allowing no-effort posting, but this is not no-effort, and it does violate other rules. Please do not do this again. And yes, this is a serious mod response!

now let's, uh, see how I can distinguish this comment and all that stuff

I hadn't read your full comment when I posted it. Then saw the low/no effort thing after. Oh well, lol. Test out your mod tools.

Don't worry about it, as long as you aren't doing it intentionally and it doesn't take over the dev site I'm not going to crack down on it too much :)

Mod tools are . . . awkward, but functional, at least!